About aluminum alloy household ladder

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Household aluminum alloy folding ladder, including the main ladder pole, the end of the main ladder pole is connected by the main splicing key. The ladder bar, the main hinged key and the foldable hinge form an "A" -shaped main ladder frame when opened, and the pedals are spliced between the corresponding main ladder bars on the two main ladder frames.

Be especially careful when using ladders in a live environment. If you cannot avoid working near a live environment, you should first close the power supply (if possible) and "discharge" or insulation before placing the ladder. Ladders made of wood or reinforced fiber should be used. Use ropes to fasten the position of the handrails at the top of the ladder and the feet of the ladder (not the steps) to a firm fulcrum.

If you can't fix the ladder with rope, you must ask others to help you fasten the ladder (stabilize the step with one foot and hold the armrests with both hands). Unlock and pull the handle to open the lock, and the lock block is retracted to the orientation, indicating that the hinge has been unlocked. At this moment, the angle of the ladder column can be changed or the ladder can be folded.

When the handle cannot be pulled, the lock cannot be unlocked. This is because the hinge is forced to press the lock block. At this moment, the ladder column can be pulled to swing and the external force can be released. .Corrosion resistance, with acid, alkali, organic solvent and salt corrosion resistance of many gas and liquid media.According to the actual application requirements, it can be economically selected to use o-benzene type, m-benzene type, vinyl type resin. The base material is resistant to decay and fade. The insulated ladder is a ladder with anti-electricity function.

This particularity is destined to its extraordinary value. Electricity is familiar to us, and it is certainly dangerous. The use of insulated ladders is nothing more than a maintenance of the human body. So it must be taken seriously when buying it. The following is the purchase test summarized by Weige, I hope to help you.

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