The key to choosing a ladder-load, the meaning of the thickness of aluminum ladder material

Time:2020-04-14 16:46:54

At present, many users like to ask about the thickness of the material and emphasize the thickness when choosing the aluminum ladder, but they do not know that the thickness of the material has little meaning in the selection of the aluminum ladder.

Because according to the requirements for ladders abroad for many years and the current national standard, one of the key points emphasized is the safety load.

When choosing a ladder, choosing aluminum ladders with different loads according to the needs is the key to choosing aluminum ladders.


1. Aluminum alloy profiles are divided into many grades (models) like other metal materials. Different grades (models) have different material uses and different strengths and toughness. Therefore, the thickness of the materials of different brands (models) is not comparable and has little significance.

2. Thick aluminum profiles with the same thickness. If aluminum profiles made with special formulas are used, the technical parameters will be much higher than ordinary aluminum profiles. If too much scrap aluminum is added, it will be thick but the material is brittle. , The actual strength and toughness are poor, easy to break.

3. For thin aluminum profiles, it cannot be said that the quality of aluminum profiles is poor, because if processed according to certain standards and special formulas, its strength and toughness will be greatly improved in technical parameters compared with ordinary aluminum alloy profiles.

Fourth, the width of the material, some thick materials are used, but its width is small, and the stress is as bad.

     Therefore, when choosing a ladder, please pay attention to choose the products of regular companies and choose the ladder suitable for your own load level according to your needs.

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