It is forbidden to exceed the indicated maximum load-bearing quality during operation

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Ascending operations use a climbing step ladder, the angle between the ladder and the ground is preferably 60 ° ~ 70 °. At the construction site, it is often the use of climbing equipment or climbing facilities to perform high-altitude operations under climbing conditions. Such operations are called climbing operations, also known as climbing operations. Do not stand on the steps within 1 meter from the top of the ladder when you are working, and always keep the safety protection height of 1 meter, and do not climb the highest support point on the top.

It is forbidden to exceed the indicated maximum load-bearing quality during operation. Check whether the ground is slippery, and the ladder must have anti-skid pads. If the ground is slippery, find a way to fix the foot of the ladder and not let it slide. The angle between the ladder and the ground should not be too large or too small. Fasten the seat belt. There must be a place to hang a seat belt. Ascending the step ladder to save materials, using the method of saving materials under the same load conditions, correspondingly reducing the data of the supporting structure, reducing the investment information, saving labor, saving time, avoiding cleaning and maintenance, the structure is simple, the bolt can be clamped on the pre-installed bracket To save production time, no on-site treatment is required, the equipment is very flexible and durable, before the factory hot dip zinc anti-corrosion treatment, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, is to use the model multiple times. The steel ladder step board should be disassembled on the ground before installation, and placed according to the platform board drawing number and installation order. Most industrial aluminum profiles have stricter requirements on material, performance, dimensional tolerances, etc. Although the profit of industrial aluminum profiles is higher than that of architectural aluminum profiles, their production difficulty is relatively large, and their technical requirements are also relatively high, especially complex The production technology of large, flat, thin-walled large-scale industrial aluminum profiles is still far behind foreign countries.

According to different places of use and requirements, ascending ladders will have different designs and sizes. A variety of styles can be manufactured according to assumptions to meet the specific requirements of specific fields. The dimensions of ascending ladders are determined by passages and safety factors, and are moved by casters The solid safety guarantee of the foot brake ensures the flexible and safe use of the ascending sample. Ascending ladders are divided into warehouse ascending ladders, shopping mall ascending ladders and folding ascending ladders in type. With the use of shelves and trolleys, they can greatly improve production efficiency and distribution efficiency, and become an indispensable work supplies for factories and shopping malls.

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